Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I guess we have about 2 or 3 more loooooooong months of winter left.....My friends in LA and SF say its still raining......and I am still sitting here in Oregon surrounded by snow...
I thought I would turn my vision to spring time....create a little spring with my camera....and lift my own spirits. The sun came out this lovely day (it was only 33 degrees....just enough to melt the snow from the roof and create this lovely effect in the background of the photos..snow dripping off the roof...

My husband is always asking "why are you shooting that?" and, his favorite comment: Why don't you put a horse in that photo?" If there isn't a horse in it..he doesn't want to see it.

Another thing I do to lift my spirits is to mini decorate...change things around. Perhaps a new bright white pillow, a plant, a painting. And, inspired by Katie Stephenson of art wall online I decided to try a tiny corner of wall in my living room. A miniature gallery.

Now, my husband, the horse lover, is not overly fond of Modern Art. I love 1960s abstract paintings...and so while he is out of the house...I scurry around and hang up some of my photos...in the lovely frames he makes...and I sneak one or two of my modern art paintings....into the mix.....I love love love Danish Modern mid-century furniture....while my husband loves early cowboy....so while the cowboy is away, this gal is redecorating......

So far he hasn't said one word.....but just in case......I'm pretending this is temporary for a photoshoot...and hoping...he doesn't notice...

And, if all else fails..well...I guess I can always put a horse in it!

Hey check out the art wall link on top of my blog; its so cute!! And, also check out some lovely new etsy shops I have posted on the left of my blog...You won't be sorry!!!!


  1. Tell me again why your husband is the boss of you? Your corner looks amazing, keep it that way and if someone needs to see horses - go to the window.

  2. okay, this is another really entertaining post. i love the corner. it looks like something from a home decor magazine. and the photo with the horse is breathtaking. the flower photos are so soft and full of light. my grandmother had a lot of that danish furniture. i particularly like that cool chair.

    p.s. the cowboy's frames are beautiful.

  3. Katie Jane...
    Busting my chops! It's just No fun...without a little danger....it's Lucy Ricardo vs. the Texas Ranger....

    thanks Kerri! I posted a girl's version and a cowboy's version of my little corner!

  4. Lucy when I opened up this post, I looked at your little corner and said "oh wow" I think it looks just wonderful but why don't you put a horse in it? Gosh that made me giggle. I think I love your husband. PS, please add to the art wall flickr group :)

  5. Well, my husband was pleased with all these comments, (except for yours Katy Jane!) so he is in No position to say anything about the corner!

  6. I'm also in need of a little spring...New York is rough this time of year. The pictures are beautiful, and really do have a hint of spring hope about them! You are amazing!

  7. put a horse in it! that is going to be my new catch phrase. love the photos. more gorgeous than ever...

  8. Great shots, those are so pretty! Is that your home? It's beautiful! Your blog is great, I'll definitely be returning the the future.

    Best wishes!
    -Chelsea, islapink on Etsy

  9. Just found your blog through a rooster print in your Etsy shop. I will follow through a Google reader subscription that lets me know when you have a new post. We have rooster (Mick) and hen just like your print, but do not know names. Also have a Bantam rooster named Cogburn and his hen. I look forward to following your work.