Friday, April 8, 2011

Back In the Saddle

It is still snowing in the northwest where I live...but in other parts of this great big is summer, spring, what have you!
I just returned from California where it was definitely spring...Beautiful rains and budding trees...and lots of sun......I was happy to get home to my little cozy place, but so sad to leave Los Angeles....I'll begin by posting a few of my favorite new photos.....which I shot on the beach in Malibu after a three day rain storm. The model is my friend modern/jazz dancer Jan Sizer. We collaborated with Gayle Davis Designs...who made this amazing Martha Graham inspired dance dress....I never saw the color of the dress until the morning of the shoot...She dyed the fabric in such a way to make the hem go from dark to lighter, as if wet...How incredible is the color she blends so organically into the sea and sky.
and how beautifully does the model capture the spirit of Martha Graham!!!! They did the work and I am so grateful that they allowed me to capture this moment...Hope you enjoy...