Saturday, December 17, 2011

Buffalos and Ballerinas

I am thinking I better change the name of my blog..because there is nothing FRESH about it...since I only post twice a gosh!!!! So I was toying with the idea of Buffalos and Ballerinas....I think it is kind of catchy....:)
It's practically Christmas and then New Years and then My Birthday....oh my gosh!!!!
Where did the year go? I am always nostalgic this time of year..and I must admit maybe a bit melancholy.....Far from family and friends and childhood....I remember the holidays being so magical when I was a child...and now....well....I can't get very excited for some reason....too busy I guess...and, I do really miss my home.
But I have been super busy shooting....and I guess my photos this time are sort of home themed. I think people respond to images that remind them of home in some way. I know I do...even if it is only a home on wheels.
Happy Holidays everyone!!!