Monday, April 30, 2012

I Love the Rain

I love rain and always have. I love dark brooding skies about to burst. I love mist, fog and beautiful models in mod dresses protected by an amazingly constructed and designed vintage umbrella. Sometimes I wonder why I love to create these images, because it is hardly profitable. I guess I have fed my soul iconic images from black and white films and vintage fashion shoots that I have been captivated by since childhood. And, sometimes I just have to forget the bottom line and feed my soul. Enjoy the rain and stay dry....stylishly!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

The new year feels fresh and I have been trying to get rid of clutter and begin new projects and exercise and all sorts of healthy things. I feel like winter is over and that I am ready for spring with it's new beginnings. Our winter has been very mild and we have no snow on the ground. Soon it will be my birthday, always a time for taking stock. Always, for me a time of turning inward and perhaps changing directions or branching out...My husband made me a beautiful portable easel for shooting some of my work that I have moved in front of the window. I am excited about all the possibilities of shooting with a different light. I still need to shoot some snow scenes for next year and I am sure I will have the opportunity as we can have snow any month of the year at 4,000 feet. But for now, I am getting excited about traveling and seeing fresh sights through my lens. I love to work, it is my passion and my escape. Like everyone I get frustrated when I don't get the "perfect" shot. But there is always tomorrow.

I chose these three images..because I am really liking white and black and pink right now for one thing. It is really still winter...but these look fresh to me....This is a lama that I shot during a snow storm...and it's face just enchants's buckteeth and markings. The small feather belongs to one of my little white hens and it is very simple ..and unspectacular...but it looks so soft and downy......and of course valentines day is just around the I am preparing myself...