Friday, January 21, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

I hardly know where to has been too long....The holidays were busy...with my little etsy shop and family...and now it is time to breathe....Time to be reborn..To become inspired and create new work...I feel snowed in...I AM snowed in!!! We don't have spring here until April or May. I feel ready for change though...ready for spring..and ready for different scenery. I have still been shooting snow scenes for next winter...but have a few new projects in mind. And, I am longing to create....These are just a few small things I have been working on while holed up this winter....and I am planning another photo get me out of my rut!!!
I am a homebody but I really have to travel for my here goes nothing....Here is to a beautiful fresh a brand new year of endless possibilities...


  1. Lucy, I love the new zen spare and elegant! I know you'll be continuing to make wonderful new work throughout the year....and I'll be looking forward to seeing it! Here's to the endless possibilities!

  2. These are so lovely Lucy, Right up my ally of less is more! Good luck with them and Happy New Year!