Friday, July 2, 2010

A Small Break

Well, I am off again...I wish I could say I will be in Paris...shooting....of course...I don't think this is the right time of year to go to Paris...but I will go any time!! Maybe next year?

My brother is actually going to London for a month and I am going to take care of my father...I am hoping I will be able to find a little take photos and read...I like to read to my dad and sneak him all the foods he is not supposed to have.

So, I would like to update my blog...because I might really have some time for that, but I don't know if I will be able to upload my I might be away for awhile....

I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments and generosity....spending time reading my blog....Hope everyone is having a lovely summer...See you soon!


  1. Much love to you and your dad... and give him all the good food he wants!

  2. Thank you, Lucy,

    Your webpage is such a lovely way to start the day. Too bad I have to limit my visits to such a short time frame! You are truly an artist and an inspirational philosopher!

    We love you, Vicki

  3. Looking forward to seeing you back in this space...your posts are so light and uplifting :)