Friday, August 20, 2010


I am embarrassed to show my face here..I have been gone for soooooooooooo long....Yes, I procrastinate! Yes...I admit it...

It's super hot here in rural Oregon....and dry....I, too, long for fall...It is my favorite time of year....although I don't actually look forward to winter...

I have had so many fabulous experiences while away...I got to shoot real ballerinas with a ballet instructor who makes tutus and sells them on etsy...The name of her shop is tutuschic...and I would like to thank her for the wonderful opportunity she afforded me...furnishing models, tutus and inspiration!

I will post more of these later and details about the magical experience...but I just wanted to post something ...quickly...and ease my way back in!!!!

I am so excited to share my art with you..and so touched that you take the time and trouble to look!


  1. These are fantastic!! I am super jealous! You did a wonderful job so magical they look!

  2. so beautiful! magical and dreamy

  3. gorgeous and life. i hate to think how dreary and boring my world would be without lucy snowe -

  4. I adore these new photos Lucy! They are breathtaking! I so agree with Sydney, well with Kimberly and Alex, too...I can't imagine what my 'everyday' would be like without Lucy Snowe. That's why I have Pinky, she's a daily reminder of YOU! xoxo