Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday!

It was 35 degrees this morning! But, 90 yesterday! There is a slight feeling of autumn in the air...this time of year makes me feel creative. Fire in the so cozy....and good books to read.....more photos to share.....beginning to be inspired....Summer is fun, family friends.....Work..but it's outward..Fall for me is turning inward....slowing down...settling in. Have a lovely weekend!

As the summer's gone,
we are not surprised to see
"autumn rain" at night.

-Eiki (1823-1904)



    I think you will enjoy. I would give anything for a fire that I built verses just the degrees of my core temperature ;) Love and Miss you.

  2. Love that inward and outward comparison of fall and summer. What a succinct but descriptive way to put it, Lucy!
    That balloon photo is so pretty! I adore it. Can I say it is my favorite shade of pink? It is the antique pink aka sorbet tulle.
    You are so gifted and we are gifted with your talent and vision.
    Thank you..... sigh.