Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well, it's another Halloween and we are all a year older.....(A line from one of my old classic favorite films)...
This year has really sped by.....We have a fire in the wood stove every night now, though the days are still mellow. The leaves are just beginning to turn.....The pumpkins and apples are abundant. Most of the beautiful birds have flown somewhere warmer....the fawns have lost their spots. And, winter is just around the corner. I really feel like curling up with a good book.....way too often. I have been trying to get out and shoot landscapes and capture some fall color...and thinking about holiday gifts, and homemade soup and spending more time with friends and family. I am kind of obsessive when it comes to my photography....but life is just too short...All of my animals and friends and loved ones come I seek to maintain balance..
I think balance is difficult for an artist to achieve....

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