Thursday, March 4, 2010

Its that time of year....

The snow has almost melted and we already have 3 baby chicks...almost lost one today..but we found him again..he had slipped down a chute...I am trying to figure out how to get them to stay in a basket, so I can photograph them. You should see them..their 2nd day on earth, racing around with the "huge" bread crumbs I throw.

The geese and ducks are laying eggs...because the sweet males, who last year were calling me "mommy" are chasing me away from the pond now!

My dear friend Sydney got married last weekend. I was her matron of honor. Her entire wedding was almost ruined by a tragic case of "static cling". I hope she will be able to turn this into a short story--she is a very talented writer, who recently received some very prestigious literary interest. Fortunately, she is on honeymoon right now, or she might kill me for writing this.

Yesterday, I attempted to photograph some flowers. My cat, Veronica Lake, was very adamant about posing in some of the photos...My friend Dexter's cat used to do yoga with her. Cats really like to be involved, whether or not this is convenient.

My darling peewee, returned after a ten day absence. We have no idea where he was...he was very thin, dirty and matted. We had to get him shaved....We are so thrilled to have him back from the dead, and as usual he is keeping us in stitches!

I've fallen behind on this blog..there seems to be so much to do around the farm these days...I love receiving all your comments and am thrilled that you take the time to read this rambling....I appreciate your interest and support. I can't always return all your I get so behind..and they some times get lost in the "pile" But thanks just the same!

Have a lovely April!!! Warm weather soon...and hopefully, buds and grass and green things...

Here is a haiku by one of my favorite poets: Haiku Master Buson (1700s)
A camelia falls,
and the rain of yesterday
spilling out!

Some day I dream of going to Japan!! But for now...its just another day in paradise...
here on Snoweflake Farm...after after all, paradise is where you make it!


  1. Snowflake Farm DOES sound like paradise! & spring! Dare we dream? Beautiful pictures and fun post, Lucy.

  2. I love reading your stories about life on the Snowflake Farm! I'm dying to see the photos of the little chicks. They are a sign that Spring is just around the corner! Thanks for sharing your little piece of paradise with us :)

  3. Love the hydrangea/snowball pics! So unexpected esp. this time of year, but so very beautiful.

  4. hello! i am so happy to have found and to be following your shop and blog. i just adore your story about the chicks and your photography is beautiful. thanks for sharing! and i hope you get to photograph those chicks:)
    xo, juliette

  5. haha. my wedding was almost ruined by static cling. and it was because i had to wear Muck boots out to the car, over my shimmery tights -

  6. oh, so many interesting stories you have to share. i so want to visit you.

    i love peewee as a lion.

    i can't wait to see the chicks!

    i hope to see some of those photos in your shop soon!!!


  7. Have a lovely April? I love how you're just skipping the rest of the last month of winter and moving on to spring. ha. I can't wait for spring, spring spring and I would love to have some chicks. Luckily, we usually have a few ducks roaming through the neighborhood with their babes behind them. They're the cutest.