Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Nook of One's Own

I thought that spring was just around the corner and it turned out, that last night we had 9 inches of snow followed by 13 degree temperature! What a shock!

This is nothing to complain about, as there is a crackling fire in the woodstove and baby chicks in a cat carrier on the hearth. Needless to say, my two cats are no longer unemployed and shiftless, but have regular full time jobs overseeing things.

Although I long for flowers, and blossoms and to be surrounded by bright foliage, I am making the most of my time and trying to get beautiful winter scenes for next winter...

I also have plenty of time for more indoor activities. My project this week, was to create a new little nook in the bedroom, for my morning quiet time. Like many people, I love to spend 30 minutes curled up, reading, drinking coffee, journaling, before beginning my busy day.

This project entailed moving some furniture around, so my little comfy chair could face the window. Outside, is a small pond, where I can watch the wood ducks returning to raise their families. Sometimes our geese and ducks are paddling around...occasionally a few deer stroll by...... munching on my tulips? Hey Wait!!

The important things about my personal nook are quiet, solitude....and a few of my favorite things scattered about. I love collecting vintage fabric, which I use for pillows or minor upholstering projects. I also collect vintage mirrors, poetry books and picture frames. I always like fresh flowers and a vintage portrait of my mother...near me...

This little project took about 10 minutes, but gives me a whole new outlook, or look out....and makes my morning time fun...and freshens the space.

My husband is not so big on moving furniture around. I thought he was getting used to it...when I caught him secretly moving one little table five inches to the left (Exactly where it was last week) He was hoping I wouldn't notice. Poor guy, as if the modern abstract paintings and hand made pottery from Finland weren't enough. Now, the man is tripping over furniture in the middle of the night...

Oh well, its domestic bliss and happy spring time...nearly here...we hope!!! "Hey you THERE! Step away from the TULIPS!!!"


  1. very neat!!! Check out my blog i have something for you!

  2. Hi, I'm Dianne. I've just come across your blog and am enjoying it very much. I have 2 blogs... Pieces of D and Bits and Pieces of D. PoD is my art blog where I share my visual art and have fun with challenges and swaps and BPoD is a new one started today. I have posted some of my poetry on PoD in the past, especially if it goes well with a collage or something that I've made. My new blog is where I'll be sharing insight (hopefully) and thoughts about life... I'm sure it will include poetry by myself, as well as others. I'd love it if you'd visit once in a while... and I hope you don't mind that I put you on my BPoD blog list. If so, please let me know and I'll remove it. Thanks! BTW, love your photos!

  3. You forever make my day! Your sense of humor comes through loud and clear on your sweet blog and makes me soo happy. I love your special nook and, again, those photos...I want those photos! Your husband, awww, he's a funny guy....I have some thoughts for you.

    Will write to you later today. xo Kerri

  4. Hi Kerri...

    I love the way you write...and the look of your blog will prove to be a pleasure for me to come by and read frequently! thanks for sharing...
    come by sometime!

    your newest!