Sunday, March 28, 2010

New, Old, Fresh, Recycled, Spring......

This was a busy and creative week for me....I am anxious for we all are...and I have been trying to create spring in my photos...hopefully bring some bright, airy feeling and color to the still-drab early spring months...we are having here in Oregon.

Then, my husband has created a beautiful NEW frame...that I can't get enough I am putting everything in it....these are made from beautiful blue pine...that has such unusual, one of a kind blue/gray markings.

...So each frame is an original work of art by is small and I think very contemporary...yet also...the grooves somehow remind me of art deco! Anyway...extremely proud of him! This wood is recycled.....which is wonderful!!!! Recycling is always FRESH!

Ducks, geese and chickens...are nesting...and the robins and others have returned to build their homes....all reminders of new life and SPRING....

Have been meeting many new friends all over the world, Europe especially, wonderful artists with their own shops on etsy and also customers, Norway, Sweden, Holland, thrills me....Brings the OLD and NEW worlds together.....

Also, meeting wonderful people from Canada and US....all inspiring artists...

We moved our OLDest hen, Dexter...up nearer the her own private palace...She is living in luxury....eating organic lettuce, millet, cheese.....loving her NEW home, away from the mean young roosters...When the two little indoor chicks are big enough..they will join her...for company....Meanwhile she has made NEW friends with 30 quail..that are sneaking in to join her gourmet feast...

I have changed the layout of my hopefully make things easier to see.....I am hoping to add more NEW features I would love to share more art and artists with you....

Needless to say....I am often up by 4:40 or 5:00 am....thanks to my neurotic cat, Veronica Lake and strange early morning phone calls from crazy family members (crazy in a good way)

As you can is always at Snowe Flake Farm...especially when I can curl up in my little nook and read haiku while the sun rises....fortunately, thanks to Veronica and my dad..this is often possible....

Finally, I would like to share three beautiful OLD haiku from Haiku master Buson:

Cherry blossom darkening,
and far away from my home
on a path through fields!

Plum blossom essence
ascending upward higher--
the moon's halo.

Flowers of the pear--
reading a letter by moonlight,
a woman.

These were written in the 1700s....yet how Fresh and New they are...reminding me...that any ART, true, beautiful and honest...straight from the always Fresh...always new....


  1. Your photos are lovely... as are the frame and poetry...

  2. The frames are QUITE lovely! :) And i enjoy your photos as well! Especially the one with the flower over the book!

  3. aha! LOVE it!!!!!

    Your blog looks gorgeous!


  4. I absolutely LOVE the frame! I can't get enough of these amazing photos & the frame only just enhances their beauty!

  5. That frame is amazing, I though it was silk draped over it at first. We have ten chickens and are enjoying our first attempts at a farm... :O)

  6. how wonderful to have a talented husband who can compliment your work! my husband is a painting contractor with a very good eye for color & i value his opinion (although i don't always listen lol!). tell him i love his frames, they're perfect for these flowers! you have a veronica & i have a spanky. he knows when it's 4:00PM for his treats & thinks i should get up at 4:00 to feed him breakfast! love the haiku, btw.

  7. Thanks everyone!! Its so sweet to hear from you and get your encouraging words!!!

  8. The frames are gorgeous! I love all your photos of the ranunculas.

    I, too, am a super early riser, wish I lived near you, so I could come and help you on the farm. i've never done anything like that and I love animals more than anything. Maybe one day..