Sunday, March 21, 2010

Treasures: finding beauty in simple things!

Well...this week's inspired by my husband....whom I love to poke fun at in this blog...but he doesn't seem to mind....

Yesterday my husband brought me home a his clenched fist.
"I brought this home for you" he said proudly as he dropped a tiny feather in my hand...Sweet, huh?

The interesting thing about this feather? It wasn't very was sort of small and brown with a tiny white line running through seemed to have become slightly crumpled and wrinkled in his jean's pocket.

We raise peacocks and gorgeous chickens, ducks and geese...Our farm has great blue herons fishing in the river and Chinese pheasants eating grain in the barn.... So, this little feather was a little ordinary...a tiny bit insignificant....

But, my husbands eyes were sparkling when he handed it to would have thought he was bringing me a precious treasure....a delicate rose...or a beautiful leaf...a precious stone?

That is what impressed we all find beauty in tiny, little, simple ordinary we are surrounded by small reminders of the subtle preciousness of life.

I've been digging through my treasures, a beautiful aqua vintage jar...moss attached to a branch, pine cones and shells...a fossil, also found by my husband.

Beauty is how you look at something...anything....your family, your friends, your pets, a poem, a tulip, a single blade of spring grass pushing up through the earth...or an old wrinkled feather....left by some tiny winged angel....building an early nest.


  1. Beautiful photos... the tulips are lovely as are your treasures... I have rocks, fossils, feathers (even plain ones) and pine cones as treasures too... along with driftwood, seashells and beach glass...

  2. I love this post! quite beautiful photos! I am SO into finding beauty in the simplest things!

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  4. such a very fun story. and what beautiful photos. than you so much for sharing:) best wishes, xoxo juliette

  5. that is so sweet. reminded me of when my son brings me things - mostly rocks.

  6. that is beautiful. i love that your sweet husband brought you something so special, because as you said so well, beauty comes in many forms. that's a darling little girl, too, with the peacock feather.