Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Haiku a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

here is my second poetry and photography blend....Eventually I would like the poetry and the photos to reflect each other...but for now..I am simply not going to worry about it...I'd rather just do it..and not stress...I have so many photos in my camera...I have a new Mac in a box on the floor..I have quite a few filled memory cards from the last 3 weeks..basically, it is a why not sweep it all under the rug..and pull out a little poetry....a few photos..that have nothing to do with said poetry and call it a night....


I love haiku..because it is about the every day most ordinary things..and yet by framing these scenes in such a delicate and touching way..the mundane becomes a tiny moment of beauty...

Sometimes it is the words..that bewitch...although they often seem clumsy in translation from Japanese into English.. Often it is the image the words create in my mind....Haiku is organized and written in I will stick to the summer Haiku!

These are also from Buson (1700s)

Lodging a priest tonight,
how happily the mosquito net
is being hung up.

White plum flowers!
The fragrance of an inkstone
in the Chinese guest house.

A summer river being crossed,
how pleasing!
Sandals in my hands.