Monday, June 7, 2010

Small Town Girl?

Is it just me? When I am in the city, I long for nature...And, when I am in the country....I miss the city....? I guess...I enjoy variety.....

I'll be traveling again soon.....but right now I am enjoying the breathtaking spring..we are having here in the pacific northwest....It is raining every day....and everything is so green. When the sun comes out...the sky is so clear..and the clouds are spectacular...And, being a photographer, I LOVE clouds...don't you? We are having a wet early summer....and the lilacs are just starting to open....gorgeous birds are every where....people are heading up to the lake...and, every where I look..there is something begging me to photograph it!!!

Two from Haiku Master Buson...(Japan 1700s)

In evening wind--
water is slapping against
the legs of a blue heron

Far and near, far and near
sound of cascading waters--
the fresh new leaves.


  1. Gorgeous photos and poetry...

  2. Such lovely captures of our beautiful part of the country! Don't you just love it in the Pacific NW?! Every artist and photographer's dream. You do capture it so well! And yes...I do love the clouds. :)

  3. These are gorgeous photos.

    The deer are so sweet. I've never seen anything like that before.