Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poets and Photographers Series Day 1

I have noticed that many photographers love poetry..and that some poets are photographers. I think they are similar art that they involve SEEING....looking deeply...calmly at the minute details of light, shadow, form..
They evoke an emotional a simple statement..

This is something I love to do and it is easy for me...because I love both art forms..
I am going to try posting a poem or haiku a day..and a photo or two....just for fun..

I hope you will enjoy is easy for me. I am probably not going to be posting my own poetry...but who knows....I will start with my favorite poets. I love haiku and I love other forms of Asian poetry....and I love Mary Oliver (the greatest American poet)..And, these are the poetry books I keep around the house....along with some here goes!

Keep it simple, your eyes and heart..and look around! I dedicate this series to my dearest friend Ivy....a great poet and lover of photography.

Time of summer clothes,
and someone on the pathway through the field,
showing faintly white.

Into water fell
its blossoms and disappeared,
plum tree on the shore.

I can never stop with just one haiku! These two are by Haiku Master Buson (1700s)

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  1. You know what, you are exactly right. I have a lot of photographers I follow (blog-wise) and I always feel like their posts are so dreamy--the photos and the words. I never really thought about that before but it's so, so true.