Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer in the Northwest

Well..we finally have summer...hot and humid in the day time ..and dramatic thunderstorms at night....lightning striking as the sun sets...it's beautiful...and warm and I feel LAZY.....my hen Dexter is lying on the back porch....like an old dog...
Our garden is planted..and my white peonies are about to bloom...but I caught deer sneaking into the yard last night....and I wonder will I get to photograph my favorite flowers this year or will they be eaten????

If you haven't read my blog in awhile..I am trying diligently to post a haiku or poem and a photo every day....so here goes!

Summer rainy season!
Talking together passing by,
straw cape and an umbrella.
(Buson, 1700s Japan)


  1. Lovely... I had a fan like that when I was a kid...

  2. Every time I wander by I can't help but think how dreamy Snowflake Farm sounds.... You're so good at writing the exact words to convey the mood and feel...Nice post, Lucy.

  3. You are all so sweet..to comment and read and view...I am just playing....having fun...no purpose...thanks for joining me!