Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Woman Who Inspires Me...and more!

I have a beautiful friend Kerri who I met through the internet....We live in different states and have never seen each other in person. She has several lovely etsy shops:
Ten Things where she sells bohemian style jewelry and A Peace of Cake, where she sells her gorgeous photography. Kerri calls herself a casual girl obsessed with creating. When I first opened my etsy shop, she "found" me and sort of took me under her wing....She has a gorgeous blog, where she shares her great eye and style...She just began a feature on her blog..where she interviews Ten Women Who Inspire Her. There are fashion designers and jewelry makers and photographers and other creative women...who are dedicated to pursuing their dreams and to helping others. In this first piece she introduces the ten women, asks them how they got started on their particular journey. It is interesting, beautifully illustrated and I am sure it will inspire you as well...I can't wait to see the answers to the next questions and find out more about these women. The photographs today are from Kerri's two shops, her jewelry designs and photography and this is a gorgeous photo of Kerri and her daughter...When I think of Kerri, I think of kindness, generosity of spirit, style, fashion, passion for creating! She loves the ocean and her family of surfers, bright, gorgeous colors, and all art forms, exotic and ethereal...

You can probably all SEE by now..that I am blog layout challenged...So to view Kerri's inspirational blog...please click on the beautiful flower image on the right hand side bar...


  1. Sweet post, Lucy! I also met Kerri online, where she took me under her wing...and the rest is history. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was Kerri who led me to you! :D I LOVE her blog and shops & I can't wait to learn more about the ten, beautiful and inspiring women in her series.... Have a beautiful Sunday, Lucy!

  2. Wow! I'm blushing. Thanks Lucy! I'm truly honored.

  3. i'm excited, too, Lucy! and i think you did a fine job on the layout :)