Sunday, January 17, 2010


love is definitely in the first wedding anniversary is coming up January 31st. My friend, Katy Jane (from Austin) "insisted" on shooting pix of my husband and myself dancing in the pasture....She also loaned me this gorgeous dress from the 1960s....with sequins and speghetti straps, etc. that was worn to the actual JFK inaugural ball. This all sounds very romantic, except for the dress, was several sizes too small, it was a cold gloomy day. And I was forced to drag out one of my vintage fake fur collared coats, well my husband was forced to wear another 1970s vintage Ben Cartwright jacket...
Well, I'm afraid that they whole ensemble rather resembled that bag lady chic that I have been referred to as sporting...

I am just going to say here...what worries me is that my good friends Kristen and Ryan (from Hillary Dairy) are getting married in February. I am her witness..And, I have No Idea what to wear...I am afraid I will simply ruin her wedding...with my some what questionable style sense.

I wrote this little rhyme for Kristen and I:
Gone is the glamour that used to be
Now all we have left is animal husbandry....

Kristen and I were glamourous gals (she from Portland) I, from West Hollywood, when we moved to this godforsaken place....and now look at us!!!

Milking goats, gathering eggs...and even less glamorous things.....

This adorable goat is Hillary...and Ryan milks hillary (believe me, not glamorous) and Kristen makes the best cheese, mayo....ummm. They eventually will be making and selling their own goat's milk soaps and I will keep you posted....

Last year I got married in Kristen's charming farm house..her grandmother Mimi was my witness. She wore a simply stunning peach and cream polyester paisley pant suit. She was much more stylish, than I, the bride in white levis...I was so nervous....I really hated to take the plunge......the whole thing is a blur, except for mimi's pant suit.

I really don't want to ruin Kristen's wedding....I am actually going to have to start shopping online (there are no stores here in this god forsaken waste land) And, I am boycotting the local beauty salons.....I am waiting for my trip to NY this hair is so long...well, its just not fashionable...I had a wonderful hair dresser here, but she stopped taking my calls....I can't imagine what I did...but let's say...New York here I come!!!!

And, then, valentines is right around the corner.....what shall I get my sweetheart...?

I could go on and on, but as my mother used to say...."You are just talking to hear your head rattle" for now..enough about LOVE......


  1. Really funny.

    Happy Anniversary, early.

    That's awesome!

    Oh, I can tell, {not to put any pressure on you or anything}, this is going to be a fun blog to read.

  2. i am laughing so hard...when i should be crying. crying over my unglamourous life... that has suddenly become glamourous again because lucy snowe put me in her blog. i wish you could come for a week, before the wedding so we could drink coffee and do each other's hair and then un-do it...if necessary. your blog is a ray of sunshine between animal husbandry chores...ahh, mimi's pantsuit. what a wonderful memory!