Sunday, January 31, 2010

Move Over Kim Novak: There's a new ingenue in Town!

LAST SUNDAY...TWO OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES WERE ON, BACK TO BACK...BELL BOOK AND CANDLE, Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart and, Breakfast at Tiffanys. I hate to admit to watching TV in broad daylight. I never touch the remote before 5 pm...but this was a delightful exception. Snow still, winter, months more of winter...and two cozy old classics, featuring two of my all time favorite actors: Kim and Audrey!

You must simply rent these movies, if you haven't seen them in a while..the clothes? gorgeous, the decor in these adorable apartments, both set in New York city, by the way. The art direction, lighting, cinematography! What is not to like...? Not to mention Truman Capote and Henry Mancini...Moon River? I get my decorating ideas from these kind of Technicolor classics, for example....audrey's clawfoot bathtub couch? And, Kim's tres contemporary moderne...Kim plays a witch, who puts a spell on lovable Jimmy Stewart...who has a fantastic apartment must see. Also Kim has a gorgeous primitive art gallery/apt..

And, speaking of galleries...Please please check out the new Valetine bedroom gallery at: (simply click on the cute turquoise artwall icon up by Jimmy Stewart)! (I got a little carried away with the art wall icon, but its it stays!)

Anyway....I thought I would share my inspiration for Pinky Novak: Kim Novak and she share a similar hair color...though Kim's is decidedly more ash..Kim has the best all time ash blonde hair color..and the most divine eyebrows in well, the history of the eyebrow. However, Audrey does really look a bit more like Pinky, so delicate and refined...while Kim is just such a voluptuous star....

Here, are three gorgeous women...each stylish in her own way, each an inspiration to women everywhere...each today, still an icon of style.

Color, style, sophistication, sensuality, personality??? What is that indefinable quality that these ingenues share?

Or, perhaps is it merely the scarf?


  1. Hi - I followed you here from Etsy. I'm a huge fan of Bell Book and Candle too -- it seems so rare to find someone who's even heard of it much less features it on a blog. I enjoy your work -- Keith

  2. Hi...I got here from a link on Art Wall. I too am a huge fan of Bell, Book, and Candle as well as Breakfast at Tiffanys. Another Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak picture I enjoy is Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. Thanks for the post and the memories.