Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Resolutions from Snoweflake Farm

I am blogging for the first time...should I not admit it? Of, course, I have always blogged in my mind..but never in public....but here goes!
1. become a better listener
2. set boundaries
3. read more poetry
4. eat more chocolate
5. enjoy !

I have been photographing my little barnyard rock stars...and the after day after day...
getting a little tired of the snow I would like to share some color.....for the new year....

I am a city gal who married a cowboy, we live on a little farm in pacific northwest....its sort of like a souped up version of green acres, west coast style....
anyway..if anyone can find this blog, feel free to add your new years resolution...
beauty and peace for the world is my dearest hope for this year...
check out some of my photos....
and happy new year...
am I doing this right?

photos above are from my little shop at
Pinky Novak: the chihuahua in a scarf and two shots of
Lucky, my rooster rockstar


  1. my new year's resolution is to read more emily dickenson. thanks for the inspiration. how cool was she?

    favorite quote of the new year: "i should have been born with lobster mitts." anonymous

  2. gosh...i like the direction this blog is headed in....emily dickenson and lobster mitts!
    Sydney please feel free to post some of your trailer trash haiku!

  3. Oh, this blog is looking fantastic! Lovin' it!

    You already know how i feel about your photos! They are out of this world beautiful!

    I like your resolutions and may adopt some of them.

    Listening is good. Boundaries are important, for me reading books in place of magazines would be a good goal, I eat enough chocolate for two people already and happiness is top priority!