Friday, January 22, 2010

The Simple Life

I know I promised a blog on classic vintage film, but I decided instead to do a tiny, peaceful little blog in between blogs....(because that will be a huge project).

Today, I just wanted to remind myself and anyone slow down, to be grateful for all that seek balance.

Enjoy each moment as it unfolds...see the sky, the birds, the rain...the light, the dark, the shadows...the fullness and the emptiness.

Two beautiful haiku by one of my favorite Haiku masters, Buson
(I named one of my geese after'll be seeing him soon in this blog)

Winter bareness--
little birds seeking food
in the patch of onions.

and this,

in a field with oak trees.
The winter moon.

It does seem to me..that the most unremarkable moments become our most beloved memories. The sound of your daughter or mother's voice, a long walk in the canyons with your dog, time to read a beautiful poem on a rainy day.....

and the icing on the cake: from the second book of the tao by Stephen Michell:

Don't chase after other people's approval.
Don't depend on your plans.
Don't make decisions;
let decisions make themselves.
Free yourself of concepts;
don't believe what you think.
Embody the inexhaustible.
Wander beyond all paths.
Receive what you have been given.
And know that it is enough.

The master's mind is like a mirror,
it reponds, but doesn't store,
contains nothing, excludes nothing,
reflects things exactly as they are.
Thus she has what she wants
and wants only what she has.

Good reminders in these stressful, frenzied days to slow down, breathe and remember the truly wonderful, mysterious and simple moments of the every day life.


  1. thanks for the reminder. just breathe. ommmmm.

  2. Such a great reminder!! Thanks. (wonderful blog!!)